From the meeting of two millenary cultures “Postwave Brewing” is born. In 2020, the passion for “craft” allowed Italian and Chinese partners to come together for share their traditions, both quite rich in artisan excellence.

Postwave Brewing is the result of this collaboration: an Italian-Chinese brewery with the production site in Xitang (西塘), one of the most beautiful and best-preserved water towns in Zhejiang, about 40 kilometers from the megalopolis Shanghai.

The common goal is not just the production of craft beer, but the creation of culture and interculture connected to it. The beer is the result of the design of Italian master brewers who, together with selected Chinese brewers, have managed to create products following the highest production and quality standards of European level.

The Chinese market - and in general the Asian one - is still very unexplored regarding craft beer; this concept is still often unknown and used inadequately. For this reason we consider necessary to distinguish ourselves and underline the craft beer peculiarities through our products. Our beers have been studied to have an essentiality-based design, highlighting the raw materials and the clear relationship with the style that distinguishes them.

We have been producing craft beer, since the beginning of 2020, without pasteurization nor microfiltration – under a strict quality control performed by our internal laboratory.
We produce American and European beers, and gradually we are developing new recipes in which local products are becoming more important. The design of our labels was developed by a young contemporary artist among the most quoted in the world: Zhao Zhao (赵赵).
They display and relate a small portion of the immense Chinese History, the “Jianzhan”.

Our products want to celebrate and preserve the importance and values of crafting, both in appearance and content.